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How can you configure the XBox 360 controller guide button to launch XBMC?

I am using XBMC Frodo RC3 on Windows 7 64bit, my controller is a wired one.

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First, you would need a button-mapping program for the controller, such as Xpadder or JoyToKey.

Refer to the manual for whichever program you choose for instructions on mapping the Guide key to run the executable XBMC.exe.

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Xpadder does not recognize the Guide button. Plus the softwares you mention are not free. – Guillaume Perrot May 19 '13 at 22:33
JoyToKey does not offer ability to launch a program when a button is pressed. My question is all about the ability to launch or focus XBMC with the guide button of the XBOX 360 controller. – Guillaume Perrot May 19 '13 at 22:39
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The only solution I found is to use Guidecall.

Once installed, you have to execute C:\Program Files (x86)\GuideCall\Guidecall.exe and let its windows opened while you use XBMC (you can minimize it).

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