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I installed Midnight Commander and tried to change the colour scheme, but unfortunately it doesn't apply the ~/.mc/ini file.

It's Midnight Commander 4.8.1, on Ubuntu 12.04. When I installed it, it didn't have the .mc folder, so I had to create it first. I've searched the internet and found nothing useful.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

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The configuration is stored in


In your case edit the file $HOME/.config/mc/ini. You can check which files are actually read in by midnight-commander using strace:

strace -e trace=open -o mclog mc
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There might be something else going on. If I edit ~/.config/mc/ini before launching mc, change, say, old_esc_mode=0 to 1, then launch mc, exit it, and check that file again - old_esc_mode will still be 0. – Dan Dascalescu Nov 13 '14 at 0:47

Did you use F9/Options/Save setup?

I'm asking because I had a similar problem (mc didn't save the panel sort order). It turns out that there's probably been some default settings change and now mc doesn't save changes to the configuration automatically anymore (that was the behaviour I was expecting...)

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Try to edit settings before you launch mc itself, using nano or any other editor (but not the mcedit). Looks like mc saves current (at the launch time) setup settings each time you quit the file manager.

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Hi welcome to SuperUser! Are you able to expand your answer with some evidence about when the software saves it's settings file? – Burgi Feb 16 at 14:40

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