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Let's say I'm building an Access database to hold recipes and calculate the cost of those recipes. I need a table of recipes, a table of possible ingredients, and a table of recipe line items.

Each ingredient's cost is stored in the Ingredients table, along with the unit of measurement. For example, we might store an ingredient "Hamburger" with a measurement unit of "ounces" and cost of $0.25 per ounce.

--------   -------------      -------------
ID         ID                 ID
Name       Name               RecipeID
           MeasurementUnit    IngredientID
           CostPerUnit        Quantity

I'm creating a subform to add recipe lines. I want to allow input of the Quantity field, but I also want to display the ingredient's measurement unit. In other words, I want the form to look like this:

  ID:   [ 5 ]
  Name: [ Guacamole ]

  Recipe line items: (this is the subform)

      INGREDIENT           AMT     UNIT
      [ Hass Avocado   ] [ 2.0 ] [ EA  ]
      [ Red Onion      ] [ 0.5 ] [ CUP ]
      [ Habanero Chile ] [ 2.0 ] [ EA  ]

Once the user enters an ingredient name (a combo box over the IngredientID field), I want to display the measurement unit so the user knows if they're typing in ounces, cups, pounds, or what. Is this possible?

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I wrote out the entire question, then Super User pointed me to another question that incidentally had the answer I needed.

On the form itself, change the Record Source to be a query rather than a table. In this case:

SELECT RecipeLines.*, Ingredients.MeasurementUnit
FROM Ingredients
INNER JOIN RecipeLines ON Ingredients.ID = RecipeLines.IngredientID; 

Then, MeasurementUnit becomes a selectable Control Source on a text box. By disabling the text box, it becomes a view-only display.

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