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if I type

notepad Hi,java

I am getting an error as

notepad is not recognized as internal or external command

What is wrong here?

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Check how you path is defined.

E.g. start cmd.exe, then type echo %%path%%. It should include %windir%\system32.

enter image description here

If it is not in your path then add it. You can do this in several ways; the easiest is way probably via [My computer] right click [Properties] advanced system settings, tab [advanced], button [Environment variables]

Note that %windir%\system32\ is in the path by default. In order not to have it someone either removed it, or you or an installer set a new path replacing the old path. (Probably when you wanted to append to the path).

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You don't need two percent signs. echo %PATH% is enough. Or just path. – utapyngo Jan 12 '13 at 15:32

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