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I've just realized that on my C: partition, which has capacity of 111GB, I have a GB of free space missing:

  • 111GB - capacity of my SSD drive
  • 69,7 GB free of 111GB - this is what My Computer info is saying about my C:
  • when I go to C:, and select all files and run Properties, the size in only 15,9GB

So where are my 25GB of free space missing?

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Not all files are selected by default in Windows Explorer. As an example, the Page File and Hibernation file, both of which are 1-2x the amount of RAM you have in your system. When you right-click and go to Properties of the hard drive, it includes all the hidden and system files as well

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Correct! I've just came across - it shows all files – dragonfly Jan 12 '13 at 18:44

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