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I copied some FLV video files to my Android sdcard with rsync, but later found that some of these videos were unplayable (halted after some number of seconds of playing). Upon further examination, diff tells me that the files are not the same, as does cmp, indicating a discrepancy around byte 4M on a 7M file.

Trying to use rsync again does not change this, but a simple cp does.

(For full disclosure, I do get errors with rsync if I use the -a flag because it can't change the group, but I don't think this is related, in part because the error occurs even on "good" files.)

What's going on?

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Did you try to use rsync with checksums (-c), instead of only checking for timestamps? – rbrito Feb 26 '13 at 12:07

This should definitely not be happening. You could also try adding the flags --stats --progress to the command and see if the files are actually updated.

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