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Some of my Toshiba laptop automatically stopped working. Right now I am using a wireless keyboard and all keys work on it. I wonder if it is something I did accidentally in the bottom "Find" space....I noticed one day my typing was going into that little space. Could THAT be the problem....and can I reverse it if that is it?

The keys are: W,#1,#2,.....that is possibly all. Help!

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Given the close proximity of the non-functional keys, there's probably some sort of physical failure within the laptop itself. If your keystrokes were going into the wrong window, all of them would be going there, not just a few keys. –  Kyle Jones Jan 12 '13 at 21:01

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Use your vacuum cleaner to carefully clean that area, also make sure there is no dirt, dust etc under those keys.

If the keyboard itself is damaged, consider having it changed.

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I had an intermittent problem with B and N that I lived with for years. I second @Kyle Jones's opinion. In my case the ribbon connector for the keyboard was noticeably loose at one end and I had no further such problems after pushing it home firmly. My answer suggestion is that you do too.

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