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I made a symlink to an folder with mklink on w8x64 between two NTFS partitions on the same disk. All programs think it's a valid folder, but Windows explorer doesn't seem to get this, and displays a shortcut symbol that can't be double clicked. If I click it a prompt appears asking for the correct program to open the file.

Is there some fix for this?

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The /D option does the trick...

Long answer: First open the cmd.exe with admistrator rights. Then type:

mklink /D some-Name Path-to-Target-Directory

The /J option which creates a junction might also be useful for SkyDrive and the like, because they don't follow normal symlinks correctly.

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+1 for working it out. Could you please include the actual command that worked for you? – terdon Jan 13 '13 at 14:11

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