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I'm successfully using MyEnTunnel to forward traffic to a remote SOCKS-server. If I don't use the tunnel for a while the connection seems to turn stale, but doesn't fail, hence the browser waits for an answer. If I disconnect the SSH-connection and reconnect everything is fine again. Is there some way to send keep alive packages without requiring another tool? Or is there a good alternative tool? Any workaround is good.

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Try setting the ServerAliveInterval ssh option. There should be an option ExecArguments in myentunnel.ini where you can add -o ServerAliveinterval=30. Your client should then send some package every 30 seconds to keep the server happy.

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I had a similar problem with MyEnTunnel 3.5. Setting ServerAliveInterval had not help. There seems to be a bug that causes the tunnel to freeze in certain situations.

Try Proxycap. You can configure Proxycap to proxify your client apps like this. Set the ssh server as the proxy server (Proxycap has native support for ssh).

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