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I searched a keyboard shortcut for toggling tab pin in Chrome but couldn't find anything. Anyone knows one?

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One more popular plugin with this feature is Vimium. You can pin/unpin tab with Alt+P – chuwy Jun 16 at 8:48

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After a little bit googling around, it seems there is none.

But you can select pin with P and unpin with U at the right click of tab's context menu.
Not handy at all.

Additionally I found an extension named URL Pinner with some useful features like auto pinning URL with regex matching, syncing settings etc.

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Great extension! It does so much more! You couldn't give a better answer. – Haralan Dobrev Mar 28 '13 at 10:15

You can toggle tab pin using the pin/unpin commands in the Ferro extension, or by hitting the Alt-Shift-P keyboard shortcut (after installing Ferro).

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to JacopKane: to unpin a tab via a shortcut, install Ferro. Assign a shortcut to "Pin a tab". On a pinned tab, hit this shortcut and your tab won't be pinned anymore. Thanks Friday for this awesome extension. – politicus Nov 25 '13 at 13:00

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