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I have a HP Mini 210 that was installed with Ubuntu 12.04 last year.

I'm lending it out to someone, and need to re-install XP. There is no internal CD drive, and BIOS won't boot from USB.

I'm trying to update the BIOS, but HP only offers downloads for Windows and not for Linux/Ubuntu.

Is there any way to flash the BIOS with the update?

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What you can do is take apart the HP mini and pull the hard drive out, plug the hard drive into another system and format it. once formatted plug the hard drive back into the HP and boot the computer and select the boot menu to boot from the USB drive to flash the drive (remember you will need to extract the bios files onto the flash in order to use it). Once flashed the new bios should allow you now to be able to Boot from the cd Using the cd/dvd drive. Hope that helps you.

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