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Often when I am working on a bunch of files in Notepad++, I need to open the most recently modified file out of many in a log directory. I find that I need to get to the 'Open' dialog and then change the view type to 'Details' and then sort on the Timestamp column.

To reduce the number of clicks , I wonder if there is a way to default the 'Open' File Chooser dialog to use the 'Details' view instead of the 'List' view?

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The free for home Users Direct Folders product will solve the problem in a general way for all open dialogs.

Here is what it says:

Direct Folders actions when the file dialog opens:

  • Resizes the file dialog box.
  • Sets the custom files view mode and sort order.
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Though not perfect (I need to have DirectFolders running for the customization to work), it does solve the problem. Accepting based on that. Thanks. – akf Oct 13 '09 at 13:14

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