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Simply put, I want to redirect to

I put this in the hosts file on windows, saved it, and flushed the DNS cache:

But when I try to visit, I get a timeout error, and it's not redirecting me to


It's not a web browser cache issue, as I've tried with multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome)

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When you do a dig you also get, same as dig So probably all pages are actually accessed through the same IP. The webserver figures out which page to serve to you depending on the Host field in the HTTP-Request headers. (See apache's virtual hosts for example). To change which page is requested you'd have to modify the Http headers. This is probably best done with a browser plugin of some sort.

Edit: There doesn't seem to be a premade tool for changing http headers only on certain domains. But maybe you could use this: Firefox Redirector?

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Thanks! That would explain a lot. – vemacs Jan 14 '13 at 3:14

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