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A certain URL on my server returns Content-Type: application/json. The filename ends with .phtml, so whenever I go to it, Firefox 3.5 asks me if I want to save it or open it with another program. But the answer is neither; I want to view it in Firefox as if it was text/plain. Suggestions? The Applications tab of the Preferences window doesn't give this as an option for the "PHTML" type which now is listed in there (ever since I tried to open it with no external program).

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The JSONView Firefox Plugin will open "application/json" pages inside of firefox instead of asking to download the page. It is a very simple plugin that will give you an easy to read expanded tree view of the JSON. You can then view source and see the plain text.

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There's an addon for that: Open in Browser.

Screenshot from addon's website

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What I usually do, is prefix the URL with view-source:. E.g., for I enter view-source: in the location bar.

I made a bookmarklet with keyword "vs" for it. It either prefixes the current location with view-source:, or the location passed by the user. Let me know if you want me to post it.

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