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I sometimes got many running applications and switching with alt-tab becomes very annoying. The perfect solution for me would be an application that lets me start typing a window's title and offer a classic auto-complete drop down list to chose from.

Anybody knows of a lightweight application that offers something similar to this?

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There is a free application called Switcher that boasts many features, one of which is a keyword search integration amongst all open applications. You can read a review of the application on Technospot.

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It is however, somewhat slow when having an integrated graphics chip like in many laptops. I rarely used it on my laptop with a GMA 950 because of that. –  Јοеу Oct 10 '09 at 9:21
It's pretty configurable (or at least, it is now), so you can turn off all the fancy animations and stuff, hopefully getting a bit more performance. –  Phoshi Oct 10 '09 at 10:54
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You might try a little app I wrote, Switcheroo, which is an incremental-search task-switcher for windows:

alt text

Switcheroo is for anyone who spends more time using a keyboard than a mouse. Instead of alt-tabbing through a (long) list of open windows, Switcheroo allows you to quickly switch to any window by typing in just a few characters of its title. It's inspired by Emacs's IDO mode buffer switching.

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Here's another one: iSwitcher is an autohotkey script that:

filters through a list of open windows as you type—with a semi-transparent dialog accessible by simply pressing the Caps Lock key.

enter image description here

More info at Lifehacker

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Had a similar problem and solved it by writing this alternative task switcher: http://www.oelgaard.dk/software/torkilstaskswitcher/

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Well I'm not really using it yet, but Enso let's you hold caps lock and type what you want to do - including "go windowname" and it auto-completes with dropdown.

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I thought Enso's hotkey was capslock? A stellar use of the key, I must admit, and one I nicked using autohotkey :D –  Phoshi Oct 10 '09 at 11:29
Yes of course, my fingers typed something completely different from what my brain wanted me to ^^ most likely something about auto-completion usually being related to the tab key perhaps? Thx ^^ –  Oskar Duveborn Oct 10 '09 at 11:58
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The lovely autohotkey scripting language!

settitlematchmode, RegEx
regex= i)%1%
sleep 100
winactivate, %regex%

This takes a command line option of what window you want to switch to (case insensitive regex), so is perfect for somebody already using an application launcher such as Executor, Launchy, so on.

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+1 I used to use a similar script with SlickRun. Now I use it with Promptu, which is sort of an expanded SlickRun in which value lists can be configured, so I can do 'ff' and Promptu will translate it to 'FireFox,' or 'xl' to 'Microsoft Excel', for example. –  Jay Jun 10 '10 at 16:09
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