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I was an happy user of Noteburner on XP 32 bit but then I upgraded to Vista 64 bit. I contacted their support and they confirmed it does not work but they don't have any date for a new version.

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That depends on your needs. I note that Noteburner also undoes DRM, and this requirement may narrow the field quite a bit. It might be that your best solution will be a combination of products, rather than one.

See Gizmo's article Best Free Audio / Video Format Conversion Program which discusses the merits of FormatFactory, Pazera Video Converters Suite, Quick Media Converter, MediaCoder and SUPER. One or more of them them should match your needs.

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Thanks, FormatFactory matched my needs. –  Gaël Marziou Oct 12 '09 at 22:24

The latest version of Noteburner supports 64-bit systems.

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I just tested on Vista 64 bit NoteBurner 2.31 and it worked fine. However I think that the original question and answer are still valid, you may want to find an alternative. –  Gaël Marziou Aug 10 '10 at 5:01

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