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I am trying to install drupal 7.18 in my Fedora 14 machine . I put the drupal filess in /var/www/html/drupal directory and set chmod 7777 -R drupal permission. But when I tried to install drupal it shows errors like :

File system The directory sites/default/files does not exist. An automated attempt to create this directory failed, possibly due to a permissions problem. To proceed with the installation, either create the directory and modify its permissions manually or ensure that the installer has the permissions to create it automatically. For more information, see INSTALL.txt or the online handbook.

Settings file The settings file does not exist. The Drupal installer requires that you create a settings file as part of the installation process. Copy the ./sites/default/default.settings.php file to ./sites/default/settings.php. More details about installing Drupal are available in INSTALL.txt.

What is the issue there?? I am newbie to Linux.

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Are you sure drupal is the name of your web server's user? Not www-data or something else? – slhck Jan 14 '13 at 8:40
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First check that who is the owner of files. If it is user different with www-data you should change it to that user by doing:

$ cd /var/www && chown -R www-data:www-data html

This will take all files and change its owner and owner group to www-data.

That's maybe not intuitive, but during Drupal installation you should do some manual work. The error you receive clearly states what you should do.

First confirm that you have directory /var/www/html/drupal/sites/default/files. If doesn't exist you should create it by doing:

$ mkdir /var/www/html/drupal/sites/default/files

Secondly copy settings template to another file by doing:

$ cp /var/www/html/drupal/sites/default/default.settings.php /var/www/html/drupal/sites/default/settings.php 

This should be pretty much enough. If there will be any further error messages. Simply follow what they ask you to do...

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