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How to type and efficiently (such as with a simple key combination) on Mac OS X?

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Solution 1: using Emacs

If you have an Emacs window open almost all the time, you can use Emacs to do it, on Mac or other OSs. Specifically, Ctrl-x, Enter, then start typing the character's name, namely, "LEFT DOUBLE ANGLE BRACKET". As you finish typing more and more letters, type Tab to prompt a list of matching characters, until it auto-completes it to the unique one.

Solution 2: using Chinese input method

These characters are CJK book quotation marks. Many Chinese input methods map < to and Shift+< to , respectively. So, if you install a Chinese input method, switch to Chinese mode, and type < or Shift+<, you will get and . To type the normal English keyboard <, just switch the input method back to English.

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opt-\ → «

shift-opt-\ → »

shift-opt-3 → ‹

shift-opt-4 → ›

Not terribly intuitive, but the keyboard viewer is your friend. You can also make it easy to switch the keyboard language to one that might be more familiar to you.

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Those are not the same characters as the ones requested. – Kevin Reid Jan 15 '13 at 4:50

Import a file like this to TextExpander:

rdab, 》
rab, 〉
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Press control, option and command at the same time, but still holding it, and then press eject to search for Chinese Symbols for the 2013-2014 Macbook Pros.

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