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I have a FTP Server on my Macbbok Pro, but when I try to make new accounts for my friends, they can't login. I do how it says, I make an account in contacts, then I add it in System Prefences in the Sharing Section. How can I solve this?



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  • Are you on the same network?
  • Are your friends trying to connect to your server from a remote location via the internet?
  • Do you have the OS X firewall enabled?
  • Do you have a hardware firewall such as a router?

You may need to forward specific ports for FTP to work. Normally FTP uses TCP port 21, but your configuration may differ.

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Well, first, making a contact in Address Book has no relationship to the FTP server. The address book is a database that Applications can share, but you'll notice there is no password field, etc, in the address book. It's intended for human use only.

What version of Mac OS X are you running (10.5 or 10.6?)

How did you set up their account in System preferences -> Accounts?

Is it a Sharing only account? (Please ensure that it is not an Administrator account)

What does the FTP log show? (Utilities --> console --> All Messages & filter using FTPD)

Well, you should see a login for each user:

10/10/09 7:31:45 AM[97113] launchproxy[97113]: /usr/libexec/ftpd: Connection from: on port: 49341 10/10/09 7:31:45 AM ftpd[97114] connection from to 10/10/09 7:31:49 AM ftpd[97114] FTP LOGIN FROM as catherine (class: real, type: REAL) 10/10/09 7:33:01 AM ftpd[97114] Data traffic: 0 bytes in 0 files 10/10/09 7:33:01 AM ftpd[97114] Total traffic: 1319 bytes in 1 transfer

Where are your friends? Are they connecting from the internet?

Do you have your computer's firewall active? Or if your friends are connecting through a different network (ie internet) does your router have firewall rules setup to allow port forwarding? Can walk you through setting up forwarding rules for your router...

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Well first of all I am running on 10.6, and I set up my friend's account by clicking the "+" symbol on the right margin where all the accounts are. And all the accounts are sharing. I can log in with my own computer account which shows all my files when I login. It should only show the Sharing Files This is what it says in the console: 10/10/09 9:46:50 AM[213] launchproxy[213]: /usr/libexec/ftpd: Connection from: on port: 49179 – Kevin Oct 10 '09 at 13:49

Use pureftpd instead of Apple's ftpd.

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