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I would like to have the terminal window open when I start my computer.

I think the above is simple, but then I would like it to either load full screen on my second monitor, or I would like it to run on the right third of my main monitor. If I maximize another window on my main monitor I would like it to not full screen over the terminal but instead fill up the remaining 2/3's of the screen.

Anyone know any programs or approach to try and set this up?

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This Ask Ubuntu question may be of interest:… – user55325 Jan 14 '13 at 23:04

For the first part of your question, you can execute terminal in full screen using following command:

gnome-terminal --full-screen

If you want it to be specific size or on specific display, you can use:

gnome-terminal --geometry=GEOMETRY

From gnome-terminal help, geometry: Set the window size; for example: 80x24, or 80x24+200+200 (COLSxROWS+X+Y)

To show it on specific display, you can use:

gnome-terminal --display=DISPLAY

About second part of your question, one way to achieve this you might need to use tiling window manager like

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