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Just today I read a post stating that Java has a leak; so, I ran a MalwareBytes Anti-Malware scan and it found an harmful item and thus I deleted that item. After restarting my computer from a prompt, my Lenovo v570 laptop now turns on with a black screen and a movable cursor.

The Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not work.

I have tried in safe mode and it turns on properly. So, I tried to do what others suggested on other forums, which was to "roll back my graphics driver". After trying that, nothing has changed.

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This sounds like Windows needs to re-stabilize itself after the threat removal. I have seen this before, where it can take a few minutes to "rebuild" itself. If it seems to take a while, you can always force a chkdsk and/or run Windows Startup Repair.

If it's a graphics driver issue, you should try to find the most recent driver you can.

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