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I need to be able to make HTML custom emails with div tags, formatting, and such, and I need to be able to send it with Outlook 2010.

How is this possible?

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You can install HTML Code Editor for Outlook.


You can download a installer on download tab. It'll allow you to import HTML file or edit HTML source code of your e-mail.

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This extension is handy. It basically automates Nicole's suggestion, and allows you to edit the HTML without re-importing. –  Koveras Feb 18 at 22:59

I'm running Outlook 2007, not 2010, but the instructions here worked for me:

Save the File as an HTML file,

Create a new message in Outlook 07 and go to Insert > and click on the Attach File (Paperclip Icon) Your browser will pop up, When you select the HTML file the INSERT button to the bottom right will activate - but to the right of the button there will be a down arrow, click on that, and you will see two options - INSERT and INSERT AS TEXT - CHOOSE INSERT AS TEXT - and your HTML will appear within the Email box !

Be aware that the HTML Outlook generates is at least as ugly as any of the auto-generated stuff from any Microsoft application.

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I just tried this in Outlook 2010. But it imported it as plain text, and so the HTML code appeared in the message window instead of the rendered HTML. So it would appear that your trick is specific to 2007. –  Stewart May 14 at 17:28

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