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I'm using Windows 7 64bit (RTM version).

I bought myself a new Brother MFC6490CW but I'm having troubles with installing the drivers.

When I set compatibility to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 I can only install the scanner functionality from the Brother Solution Center and not the printer driver:

Printer (driver) FAILED FAILED
Scanner (driver) Installed Connected
PC-FAX receive Installed Connected
Remote Setup Installed Connected

Anybody who has a fix for this? The brother drivers for windows 7 will be released at the end of October and I can't wait so long. Need my printer..

Tnx in advance.

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You can use the driver printers for Vista, they're entirely compatible.

I searched on and didn't find your exact model number. The model I found was MFC-6490CW, and the drivers are located here. I hope that your model is compatible with this.

The "Full Driver & Software Package" dates from 03/04/2009, while the "WHQL certified Printer Driver & Scanner Driver" dates only from 10/20/2008. You might compare these dates to the driver you're using (using Device Manager). If your driver is earlier, or is a Microsoft-generic, you might replace it with this one.

But first see if Windows Update doesn't find an optional update for your printer.

And don't forget to create a system restore point before starting these manipulations.

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Agreed - I have the MFC 6490CW sitting right next to me, connected via network. Prints and Scans just fine (don't use faxing). – Multiverse IT Oct 11 '09 at 10:00
The vista drivers caused some trouble in Windows 7 x64. The updates came with Windows Update, the drivers were not finished for Windows 7 at the time I was posting this question. So far everything works fine. – juFo Jan 26 '10 at 8:47

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