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I'm asking this only for curiosity.

Suppose I lost my Kensington lock key: how to take my laptop with me?

Part 1 of the process is breaking the cable with heavy scissors, the ones also used by gardeners to prune bushes, or even better one like the following: heavy scissors or whatever you call it

This allows to bring laptop home, at least...

This leaves the lock still attached to laptop, and here comes part 2 of the process: how to remove the final piece of Kensington from laptop in order to replace it with the newly purchased one?

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I've seen that you can open these (and similar) locks relatively simply with a piece of cardboard!

Embarrassingly, I have a need to do this myself, as I've lost a laptop key.

I'll report back whether or not this actually works (I'm not sure if mine is a Kensington or a cheap knock-off, to be honest- if this doesn't work, I may have to use the angle-grinder!)

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Ooh. Just came across this and remembered that I said I'd report back. I couldn't get it to work, so it had to be the angle grinder. It may be that I was using the wrong grade of cardboard or something. – Marc Wilson Nov 13 '15 at 2:08

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