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I am using google spreadsheet to gather survey data: The spreadsheet looks like this

Timestamp            Choice    Comment
1/15/2013 4:24:29    A         Comment goes here
1/15/2013 4:24:32    B    
1/15/2013 4:24:37    A    
1/15/2013 4:24:40    B    
1/15/2013 4:24:44    A    
1/15/2013 4:24:48    A    
1/15/2013 4:24:53    A

Is there any way to compile the information and create a line graph to display the trend of A and B over time?

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I would use a Pivot table. – Pynner Jan 15 '13 at 22:29
Take a look at this answer: – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jan 17 '13 at 21:13

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