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I am trying to get ShrewSoft VPN to work with a Cisco VPN connection that requires a next token code.

With Cisco VPN or NPC Secure Client these are the steps I would take:

  1. List item
  2. Import .pcf file
  3. Connect and enter username/password
  4. Token code is emailed to me
  5. Enter token code into client
  6. Connected

With ShrewSoft I cannot figure out what option will have it prompt me for the next token code. It does get emailed to me but I never have the chance to enter it. Is this a supported feature of ShrewSoft?

The reason why I'm trying to use ShrewSoft? - Cisco VPN does not run on my Samsung ATIV Smart PC (runs full Windows 8 not RT) - NPC Secure Client runs great but costs $144, steep for just occasional use tablet.

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