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I experience serious trouble with line-wraps in thunderbird when using enigmail.

It seems that there is something wrong with the order of the follwing steps:

  1. I write a text (without caring about having long lines or not)
  2. I tell enigmail to sign the message
  3. I hit send

What happens now is:

  1. Enigmails signs the message
  2. Thunderbird now adds line-wraps (thus breaking the signature)
  3. Thunderbird sends e-mail

I'd like that my E-Mails get wrapped at max. 72-chars before enigmail signs the message. How can I configure this behavior?

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Option no. 1: use word wrapping.

Option no. 2: switch to using PGP/MIME instead of PGP/in-line for signing and encrypting. PGP/MIME handles things like long lines, HTML messages (if you really must send them), attachments and extended character sets better than PGP/in-line does.

PGP/MIME is vastly superior to in-line, but the only drawback is that some mail clients, especially on phones and certain webmail interfaces, just can't handle it at all. I use PGP/MIME with exceptions for a few recipients and some mailing lists.

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