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At home I have a Raspberry Pi which I use as a NAS and torrentbox. I would like to set up a network share on it that I can access from outside my LAN so that I can stream music and video when I'm at school, work or otherwise roaming.

I want to be able to set it up so that my laptop can automatically mount it whenever aan internet connection is available, and so that I can suspend and resume without it breaking the mounts.

Samba seems to work great inside my LAN, but it's supposedly not a good idea to share it to the internet.

Encryption of the data is not a priority, but authentication is of course necessary to protect my data.

If possible I would like it to use as little copmuting power as possible on the server since the Raspberry Pi is pretty slow.

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Set up SSH server on your Raspberry Pi by following guide like this. And, setup public/private keypair

for auto login rather than using your user/pass everytime you want to login from trusted devices. Once, that's

all setup, all you need is sshfs. Install sshfs on your laptop and mount your home directory through

sshfs command to your laptop.

SSH provide secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network so all your communication would be encrypted.

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