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I would like to change the formatting (specifically text color) for an entire row based on which selection is chosen from a drop down list in Column C. Example:

If C2 equals 'XX'(one of the selections from the drop down list) then A2:G2 will have pink text, but if C2 equals 'AA' then A2:G2 will have blue text... and so on where BB = red, CC = Orange, DD = Green.... until all 8 selections from the drop down box in Column C are assigned a different color. I can only get it to work for up to two colors. Can anyone help me with this formula? I would like it to apply to up to 30 rows.

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Select the whole range, e.g. A2:G30 and then use this formula in conditional formatting


Note the $ at the start - that's essential

Select required font colour > OK

repeat for all other text values (I assume you have Excel 2007 or later)

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Perfect! Thank you! – ajc009 Jan 16 '13 at 23:52

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