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By accident I wrongly typed a password (twice) that I completely forgot, when I was encrypting my external Toshiba drive with PGP Disk. I have no backup, nor *.krp files to repair my key, but I am trying now to recover with EaseUS.

Is there any way of seeing what was typed on the laptop`s keyboard on that particular day, without having an active keylogger?

Dell Inspiron 1525

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I'm tempted to downvote, because there were probably a lot of warnings in big, bold letters that the key is irretrievable and that you should make a backup of the keyfile on an external disk. But I have sympathy... you might want to meditate and try your best to remember exactly what you typed. Maybe you had caps lock on by accident? – Bigbio2002 Jan 17 '13 at 14:40
Do you have a wife, girlfriend / partner? Mine is a mind-reader on things like this. My point is you need lateral thinking on remembering that password. – Guy Thomas Jan 17 '13 at 22:29

Simple answer, no, there isn't, otherwise hacking would be a much larger problem than it already is.

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There definitely isn't a mechanism that keeps history of keystrokes.

Once I had some similar problems, and then decided to install a keylogger on my own private personal computer. That saved me from making mistakes for a while. But after a time period, I uninstalled it because of some security concerns.

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Are you asking if there is some sort of factory installed, always running keystroke logger built into Windows that anyone can consult? No.

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