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We've been using PuTTY to access a SCO Unix system for some time now and we've recently found the need to use pass-through/slave printing to a client printer attached to the Windows machine accessing the system.

However, this appears to create a print job per line rather than a single print job with every line within. I have heard there's a modified version of PuTTY floating aroudn which handles this type of printing correctly.

Does anyone know of its existance/where to get it or have any other suggestions?

So far I've tried:

  • Multiple drivers
  • Capturing the output on LPT1 and converting it into a single file then printing, unfortunately this was prone to error and would take too much work.
  • Multiple printers
  • Printing to image-based printers and PDF generators

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've tried the following clients now, with no change:

  1. KiTTY
  2. Quest PuTTY
  3. AniTa 32
  4. Aljex Terminal
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The cheapest option is probably to ping Simon Tatham, and beg for pass through printing to be included in the next PuTTY release, alternatively you could evaluate a number of the other Windows ssh clients, to see how functional their printing support is e.g.

Tectia Client, AbsoluteTelnet, smartFTP

As a stop gap have you tried this script?

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Pass-through printing is actually included in PuTTY and it does work, it's just that it tends to print 1 line per page rather than a full document. Some printers can interpret the slew of jobs as one page, but others won't. Unfortunately its the "others" that are causing me problems – Daniel Frear Jan 18 '13 at 10:40

I don't know the program inside-out, so I don't know if it is capable for this, but maybe KiTTY is the one you're looking for..

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Gave it a go, unfortunately it exhibits the same problem – Daniel Frear Jan 18 '13 at 10:39

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