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I am trying to create a startup disk on a USB. I attempted to use the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator but that failed. I then turned to UNetBootin. That seemingly worked but I still wasn't able to boot from it. Now the USB will not mount to any of my VMs (all linux). I attempted to reformat the usb on my host (Windows) and that didn't work.

Virtual Box is still recognizing the drive but the Linux OS isn't mounting it. And the Windows reformat keeps failing. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

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without error message and output hard to help you. – Satish Jan 17 '13 at 15:23
the message was just that the format failed on the windows host. but on the VM it just stopped mounting. – ExceptionLimeCat Jan 17 '13 at 17:07
  • For the formatting issue on Windows:

You can try to open a command prompt typing cmd in the Run dialog box. Then for example format E: /fs:FAT where E: is your USB stick drive letter and FAT is the filesystem you want to use.

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I have since passed the USB onto a more experience person. I will let you know what he uses to resolve the issue. I will suggest this method. – ExceptionLimeCat Jan 17 '13 at 17:08

Use DBAN (Dariks Boot And Nuke) to completely wipe the device and then use to help create the bootable USB.

Hope this helps :)

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