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I looked at the source of this website : for the video player and it seems they are using HTML5 but I'm trying to figure out how they get all the controls that are displayed.

I couldn't post a picture because I'm a new user. But if you follow the link and click play on the big video, the video player should start. I'm basically refering to the "x" in the top right and the progress bar at the bottom of the player.

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Looks like they are using a player by vimeo which is customized with their own styles. You can see it from which resources are loaded into the site. A file player.core.opt.js comes from the domain as well as the corresponding stylesheet player.core.opt.css. However, most styles are listed in their style.css so it seems to be custom-made.

I am using Chrome, therefore my video is embedded with the HTML5 video tag. The site also uses swfobject, I think in order to determine if flash player is supported or needed.

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Thanks so much, that makes sense, I appreciate it. – Tony Nesday Jan 17 '13 at 16:25

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