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I want to create a VBA script that would save a copy of the document every 5-10 minutes with a new name. The script would keep like 10-15 copies in the same folder, incrementing a number each time. If it reaches the max number of saves, it should delete the oldest one.

For example:

document.xlsx - Working copy.  
document_b1.xlsx - First backup, done after 5 minutes.  
document_b2.xlsx - Second backup, after 10 minutes.  

And so on, and so on.
When this number at the end reaches 15, the script should rename the rest.

document_b15 - gets deleted.  
document_b14 -> document_b15  
document_b13 -> document_b14  
document_b1 - new copy. 

What kind of function could do the steps required?
A short list the VBA would need:

  • Incrementing a valuable
  • Renaming files
  • Deleting file
  • Saving the current document as a new file

I'm aware that the Q belongs to Stackoverflow. Regarding the programming part.
But I want to use an existing solution, rather than learning VBA from scratch.

Is there a VBA that would do this for me?

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I wrote a quick auto-backup add-in for Excel.
Can you please test it and report your bugs? I will improve it if necessary.


  1. Download the Add-In
  2. save it at C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns\
  3. Open Excel and navigate to
    (Excel 2003) Menubar → Tools → Add-ins
    (Excel 2007) Start-button → Excel Options → Add-Ins → drop down: Excel add-ins → Go
    (Excel 2010) File tab → Options → Add-Ins → drop down: Excel add-ins → Go
  4. check myautobackup

What it does

  • saves a backup file for each open workbook
  • a new folder called autobackup is created at the same place as the workbook
  • up to 3 backups are saved there
  • save date is appended to original backup file name
  • time interval is 10 seconds
  • newly created workbooks which aren't saved yet by the user aren't saved by autobackup
    (They have no valid path yet)
  • source code (34 lines) can be viewed on pastebin.
    Additionally an open-event will start the auto backup

Note: These low time delay and count settings are only for early testing. You can easily. change them later

enter image description here

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Sounds great! You should really make a github page for the script. I mean... a lot of people would love to have a great addon. – Shiki Jan 20 '13 at 11:45

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