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I have a laptop and a desktop. On my Desktop I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I just recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop.

In Ubuntu I setup samba, and attached myself to the network which works.

When I go to:

network > Windows Network > Workgroup Name > Desktop Name

It opens up the entire contents of the Desktop from ADMIN to all the drives created. I did set one folder on the Desktop for sharing which shows the folder name I assigned to share. All the other folder names show the drive letter and the folder ADMIN. How can I limit this on the windows side to only display the shared folder as created? In the desktop folder security I did try and remove all system rights but I was still able to access and modify content within the laptop. When I click on each drive letter in properties > Sharing, it says not shared and Network Path: Not Shared.

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