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Is it possible to use LibreOffice (I'm currently using 3.5.4) to create a pie chart where a single sector of the chart appears removed from the rest?

If so, how to do it?

Alternatively, can someone suggest an alternate tool that will allow me to create such a chart given the data? Much preferably one that is available in the Debian Squeeze main repo, but I'm willing to consider others too. Vector graphics export would be a big plus in that case.

The end result I want is something along the lines of this:

Pie chart with one separated sector

(image source)

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  1. Create a pie chart, then edit it
  2. Left click on the pie - a square control point will appear in each sector

enter image description here

  1. Left click on the desired sector - it will be selected

enter image description here

  1. Drag the sector out

enter image description here

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