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I used a C400 64GB USB2 Flash Drive EMTEC green to record digital MP4 using a converter of VHS tapes and transferred them to a PC. This has worked very well. But a moment after I deleted one by one all the processed files, I found that by viewing the properties, approximately 2GB of the space remained occupied when no files were reported.

That had already been the case with key 8 or 32GB, because recording ended badly, and in this case I proceeded to reformat to recover all available space.

So I reformatted the default key with exFAT 64B and 32 kilobytes. But since then I can no longer use the key on the converter. As I do not know what the characteristics of this key were before reformatting, I sent a request for information to EMTEC to be able to reproduce the initial format that worked correctly.

But I received no response. I tried to format in FAT32 but can not do it because I have such options as exFAT or NTFS for reformatting the key. Who can help me find my intitial formatting Flash Drive

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Could it be the $MFT? – Jerry Sweeton Jan 18 '13 at 14:02

Its not the machine ... Its the flash drive that has exfat which is replaced with fat32 ... the difference is:

1.exFAT allows for higher drive capacities than FAT32. 2.exFAT has a larger file size limit than FAT32. 3.exFAT uses a free space bitmap while Fat32 doesn’t. 4.FAT32 has greater support than exFAT. 5.FAT32 doesn’t have file number limits while exFAT does.

Read more: Difference Between exFAT and FAT32 | Difference Between | exFAT vs FAT32

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the easiest solution would be to find another machine and use it to format the USB drive to fat32.

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