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Recently right after I enter the Windows password, the computer froze at welcome screen, I then entered Safe Mode to restore system and then everything works fine

But today I started computer again and the same problem re-appeared. I decided to look carefully at Event Viewer in safe mode and get the error:

Driver detected an internal error in its data structures
Source sptd
Event ID 4

I followed some instructions on the Internet and uninstalled Daemon Tools Lite, right after that I restarted Windows normally, then everything works fine again

I want to know that what has been happening to the sptd driver, what to do to fix this problem permanently and how I can use any other CD ROM emulator?

Note that I installed Daemon Tools for a very long time without error until recent days, it good though. As writing this topic, I did not install any CD ROM emulator since I think the problem will occurred again if I do so, I will wait for help from you guys

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You suspected correctly. – Xyon Jan 18 '13 at 13:50

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