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I am trying to get the Windows XP emulation up and running on my new Windows 7 Professional installation and I found out that you need to enable hardware virtualization.

I have a HP Media Center PC m7428n, I checked and it has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 processor which should be able to handle hardware virtualization, but the BIOS setup has no option for it. I checked around and most people have said the HP often hides certain BIOS settings.

Is there any way to get around this and enable it anyway?

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Try running the SecurAble to determine whether your processor actually supports virtualization – Josh Hunt Oct 11 '09 at 6:22
as a side note - this is one of the major things I hate about the brand-name PC market (HP, Dell, etc): you can't make changes that should be possible a lot of the time :-\ – warren Oct 11 '09 at 6:58
Another side note: By now XP mode does not require hardware virtualization. – AndrejaKo Aug 12 '10 at 9:14
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Although many sources claim that virtualization works on your model, it's not an absolute certainity.

According to wikipedia, the Athlon 64 X2 4200+ has two models with part numbers ADA4200DAA5BV or ADA4200BVBOX. This seems to be a confusion - there seems to be only a single model.

The site elaborates some more, detailing both the above numbers, but calling them rather OPN Tray ADA4200DAA5BV and OPN PIB ADA4200BVBOX. It also says "Virtualization : No".

To further verify the issue, you may use either SecurAble or Microsoft's Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool (made available by mydigitallife).

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Ran the both of the Detection tools and both said that I had no hardware virtulization capabilty... thanks – Joshkunz Oct 11 '09 at 8:14
Try to use Microsoft's Virtual PC for creating the XP virtual machine. This product predates hardware virtualization and might work for you. – harrymc Oct 11 '09 at 9:45
Hmm... That is the exact program I am trying to run but sadly it requires hardware virtulization for windows 7 – Joshkunz Oct 11 '09 at 17:06
Have you tried ? – harrymc Oct 11 '09 at 18:47
yea, but not the same thing sadly, I was hopeing to use the built in hardware virtulization but otherwise I can just use vm, However i have used virtual box before and it is pretty amazeing – Joshkunz Oct 11 '09 at 23:40

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