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I have installed Windows -8 64 bit about a month ago. Yesterday it shows an unusual behavior. Some time sound come from laptop speaker only after connecting headphone and some time sound comes from both speaker and headphone. I mess up completely as Headphone don't get display on playback devices. When checking from Ubuntu 12.04, headphone and speaker both function normally. I think solution of problem I faced is just opposite as given here but didn't work.

System configuration:- Acer Aspire 4750G, Ram - 4 GB

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Update your Realtek driver or download latest version for Window 8 from here. These problem occurs due to the unmatched version of driver with operation system.

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great... it works... thanks for solution.. – nKandel Jan 19 '13 at 1:34

Further FYI, not in any way negating previous excellent answer:

Windows 8 added a bunch of code to detect audio plugged-in devices. For example when plugging external speakers into my laptop, Skype calls voice did not come through.

Following the tip to make headphones the default, mine were greyed out and I couldn't so since I didn't spot a better answer, I had to DELETE my speakers to allow me to set headphones as the default. I blame Windows 8 for trying to be too smart, but in general am quite satisfied with Windows 8.

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