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I have a server running Ubuntu where I installed a SVN server and integrated it with Apache. My users access their repository via HTTPS and I am able to configure which repo each user can access.

I would like to set up also a git server with the following features:

  • Access via SSH keys.
  • Possibility of selecting which repositories each user can access.
  • (Optional) web-interface for creating new repos.

I googled a little bit but I wasn't able to find a good tutorial that provides me all these features. In particular I didn't find how to set up the user rights.

How can I setup the git server?

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I use gitolite for a private git server, it is easy to configure and fulfills your first two requirements. Source code and documentation for gitolite can be found here

As far as a web interface for creating new repos goes, you might be interested in learning more about GitlabHQ which is an open-source web application that aims to emulate github. This would provide you with a graphical interface to create new repos, change permissions, add SSH keys etc. GitlabHQ uses gitolite as their git-server as well. Documentation, source-code, and installation instructions can be found here

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