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I've been using bitlbee on OS X for a while now, but I've hit a roadblock when trying to use it the way I'd like to.

I have a .plist file created which launches bitlbee at boot, and thats working fine. I then use irssi to connect, and use my work jabber, as well as GTalk and Facebook chat.

Ideally, I'd like to use 2 instances of bitlbee, with 2 instances of irssi – thus keeping my personal comms seperate from business related ones.

I can't quite figure out (via launchctl and .plist files) how to get two instances of bitlbee running at boot, listening on different ports (6667 and 6668 for simplicity). Once that is working, it's a simple matter of having irssi connect to localhost:port and all is well.

Thoughts or ideas? Configs can be provided if needed.

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You could do it with a single instance of Bitlbee. Just use a different login from the second irssi.

If you actually want a second instance of Bitlbee, make a second config file and have it listen on a different port. Then run the second Bitlbee using the second config file (use the "-c /path/to/second.conf" in the startup script). Then use the second instance of irssi to connect to the second Bitlbee. and should help with the needed syntax.

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