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I got a free temporary subscription to PC Magazine on Zinio and I liked it. Now I'm considering renewing the subscription and looking at other interesting publications they may have, but that's conditional to the following?

  • Can publications be read offline?
  • From Linux?
  • Can the document files be converted to an open format like PDF or ODF?

Items 1 and 2 got a thumbs up already. The offline Linux reader, from what I can see, even works as well as the Windows one. Now comes the $64,000 question: can I convert them to a format that doesn't depend on their proprietary reader?

The reader can be downloaded here. Free sample magazines can be obtained here. (You will have to register with an e-mail.)

I couldn't even figure out where the downloaded issues reside in the filesystem. In my CentOS 6 machine, it created a directory named ~/.appdata/ZinioReader4.(FORTY-DIGIT-HEX-NUMBER).1/ but I can't make sense of its subfolders.

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