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I have a KDE "KParts" Chrome plugin, which lets me view PDFs in the browser (pretty handy when I'm viewing papers which may not be worth downloading). However, its handling of SVG images is not very good. Is there any way I can change the plugin to only work for specific MIME types? I didn't see any options in the chrome://plugins page.


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I'm having the same problem. I disabled the KParts plugin at chrome://plugins and I haven't missed it. Chrome renders the SVGs well. – user81568 Feb 17 '13 at 18:51

Chrome has its own Integrated PDF Viwer, when I click on links to online PDFs, they are opened by it. Just hovering over the bottom right corner of an opened PDF, pops a little toolbar with options to zoom, print, save, etc.

But to open local PDFs, what I do is manually edit my mime types so PDFs are opened by Chrome. I use Xfce and it has a nice mime editor. But by just right clicking a PDF file on the file manager and choosing the Open with option, then selecting Chrome from the list and making sure the Always use this application for this kind of files is checked, I get the same results.

I'm sure KDE works in a similar fashion.

Finally you didn't want extensions mentioned but this one, opens not just PDFs, but a plethora of other formats online, using Google docs viewers. It also opens online PDFs (In mi case, I have it not open PDFs, only some other formats)

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