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My windows server guy created a mountpoint drive for me, such as drive letter E for my SQL Server database files. I can use Disk Management in Computer Management from Administrative Tools to map a standard directory, such as D:\SQL\data\ServerName\MP1, to the mountpoint letter E. I can do it manually without problems. I am wondering if there is a windows script way to do it in a script, so that I do not have to do it manually using Disk Management's GUI.

Any suggestion is really appreciated.

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Your best bet is probably net use. It allows mounting shared locations to the specified drive letters, amongst other things.

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You can right click "My Computer" and select "map network drive" from the context menu. This will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to assign the drive letter and path. You can type in the path or browse for it. There are also a checkboxes that allow you to automatically reconnect at logon, as well as save your credentials.

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