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I have a couple of apps that start up and appear in the system tray. The one I'm really interested in is Steam.

What I've found is that if I turn on the PC and login, but don't go to the desktop, steam (always?) isn't started. Only once I click to go to the desktop does it start up.

Is there any setting/configuration I can change to get apps such as this to not require me to actually go to the desktop before they start/appear in the sys tray?

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StartIsBack modifies the Startup Order, so the desktop applications are loaded faster. This should solve your issue.

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I havent tried this on Windows 8, but you can try running Steam as a service. There are many different methods of doing this. Here is one example. To find other options, just Google "running program as service." I dont know how well these methods work in Windows 8.

You may just want to wait for a new version of Steam that supports the Modern UI interface. However, Valve (makers of Steam) have openly stated their distaste for MSs marketplace and may delay creating a Modern UI version of Steam for some time.

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