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I have ATI Radeon HD7970, Dell monitor with max resolution: 1920x1200 and windows 7 64bit.

On starting computer: 1) BIOS - all displayed OK 2) Windows loading - all displayed OK 3) Logging in screen - not displayed - monitor is telling me, that best resoultion is 1920x1200. It looks like graphics card is using too high resoultion.

All I can do is putting computer to sleep, waking. Then all works perfectly.

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Assuming that you are right and the resolution is set to high:

  • Boot in safe mode (via F8)
  • Remove the Catalysts drivers.
  • Reboot. (Windows will now show a 800x600 screen).
  • Reinstall the catalyst drivers and reboot

On the next log-in you can select your 1920x1200 resolution.
Just test it first before confirming.

enter image description here

One other possible cause it not a too high resolution but to too high refresh rate. You can find the settings for that under [Advanced settings]

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I have set good resolution. – Ari Jan 19 '13 at 20:41

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