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HP Pavilion DM3 / Windows 7 My laptop suddenly goes black without warning, restart and it goes to "Start Windows Normally."

Does not occur when plugged in to AC.

I got a new battery and had similar, if not more frequent events, after a few days.

Could be hardware related to the discharge circuitry or possibly both batteries drift down and suddenly kill the machine.

Any thoughts re: cause or ways to evaluate the problem. The crash is so sudden, it is unlikely an identifiable log even is generated.

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definitely sounds like a hardware issue on the laptop. is it still under warranty? – Keltari Jan 19 '13 at 16:25
Could you boot into a Linux live CD and see whether the problem occurs there also? Does windows report the battery as fully charged? Have you checked the windows events logs? – terdon Jan 19 '13 at 16:38

It is either the hardware or battery that is causing the problem. Possibly the loose connection problem at the junction where the battery is supplying power to the laptop.

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It is most likely a hardware error in something else than the battery because the problem persists after a battery change.

I would like you to try the computer with Linux so that you can rule out a software error, also this might make it easier to see if it for example always dies at a specific charge percentage.

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