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I'm trying to watch 2 Youtube videos at once on Windows 7 using a headphone by directing the audio from the 2 videos into 2 different ears. I.e. the audio from one video only uses the left channel, the audio from the other video only uses the other channel. This way, I can watch 2 videos at the same time. Is there a software that can accomplish this?

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You could use two windows of VLC, go to Open Network Stream (CTRL + N) then go to Audio - Audio Channels - Left/Right

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This does not work for me. The audio is the same no matter which option I select. And I know for sure my speaker does support stereo audio. – Linksku Feb 27 '13 at 23:00
try two player at the same time, VLC and MPC 1 playing in mono mode + left another play in Mono Mode+Right – Kaveh Feb 28 '13 at 14:23

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