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I have been searching for an answer for this for a while and have not found anything.

On Windows 8 with a touch screen, I have the task bar set to autohide (something I've preferred in Windows forever). With a touch screen, I can't seem to figure out how to get to the taskbar when it autohides. Does anyone know how I can access it using the touch screen?

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I'll check this later, but doesn't a swipe up from the bottom edge do it? –  Karan Jan 23 '13 at 3:24

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What I do is to drag from somewhere near the botton edge to the botton edge, this is not a gesture to bring the taskbar up but since it leaves the pointer at the botton edge when you finish the gesture the taskbar pops out. To my knowledge there is no way to show it without using a workaround, looks like MS is trying to get the classic desktop deprecated...

Sorry for such a late reply, I hope this is still relevant.


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Two methods that work but not always reliably for me.

1) Assuming that the taskbar is at the bottom, find an open area of the desktop and swipe down. You "might" need to tap the desktop first just to give it focus but not always.

2) If you are in an application, then tap near the bottom of the screen and pull down and back up. Sometimes just pulling down is enough. Depends on the application. In Wordpad a simple swipe down was enough. In Chrome I have to swipe down and back up. If Chrome is fullscreen (F11) then nothing works.

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Disable "Show Windows Store Apps on the TaskBar" in the taskbar properties and be happy.

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How would that work? –  gronostaj Aug 30 at 5:43

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